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System programming ideas

Initialize the single chip microcomputer: first turn off the interrupt, then initialize some registers and function modules used, and finally turn on the interrupt, and give the initial value of the speed of the stepper motor and the amplitude of the speed change at each acceleration / deceleration .

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Calling subprograms: subprograms for calling direction, speed, keyboard and display in blocks. The speed control program is written into the external interrupt program, so that the speed parameters can be changed without changing the direction of motion.

Wait for function key press: Use the query method to write a key program, scan through the key program and wait for the function key to be pressed.

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Execute key function: When the program detects that a key is pressed, it executes the corresponding function and displays the running status information corresponding to the stepper motor. Figure 5 is the system program structure diagram.
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Experimental verification

In the experiment, the system selected 57HS56DF101TK-01 hybrid stepping motor as the control object. The stepper motor is a two-phase four-wire stepper motor with a step angle of 1.8 °, a rated current of 8A, and a static torque of 10Kg · cm.

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